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I. On-Demand 24/7 Confidential Emergency Crisis Intervention and Damage          Control at Your Finger-Tips and Just a Phone Call Away. 

This service was established to provide a 'rapid response" system for those who find themselves in crisis situation. We will intervene to work with you at any point in a critical cycle in life, and will stay with you until you have reached safer grounds. The crisis intervention component of our work involves tactical and strategic action planning provided and developed with you over a 20 to 40-minute interval phone session. Sessions may be renewed as needed over any period of  time for as long as you required assistance and support. You don't have to be alone when circumstances become overwhelming, or so private or intimate, such as they require breakthrough solutions and immediate attention. Learn to navigate:

  • Loss & Grieving
  • Suicide Idealization
  • Health Issues
  • Personal Turmoil & Uncertainty
  • Anxiety, Panic, and Depression
  • Fear & Phobia
  • Uncertainty & Confusion
  • Upheavals, Down Spiraling & Free-Falling
  • Catastrophic Events
  • Relationship & Family Matters
  • Child Rearing & Developmental Issues
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Self-Worth [Fitting In] 
  • Goal Setting and Disorientation
  • Life Management & Confusion
  • Life Skills
  • Loneliness
  • Self-Esteeme & Self-Confidence
  • Job - Professional Growth & Career Advancement
  • Finances
  • Legal Trouble
  • Negotiation

II. One-on-One Mentoring and Guidance (Anytime On an as-Needed Basis)

III. Regularly Scheduled Telephone and Chat Sessions.

Four regularly scheduled sessions of 30 mins/month.  If you select this service you may call for Crisis                           Intervention in the event of an emergency or upheavals.

IV. Monthly Tutorial

Monthly tutorial may vary on the various platforms we have available. Sessions may be carried via Facebook Chat, Telephone Session, Skype, Video, or Google Hangout.  We will notify all registrants by email as to which delivery method will be used each month. Tutorial sessions will be held on the third Friday of every moth from 5:30 to 6:30 PM EST. 

Program Materials 

  1. The Laws of Living - The Evolution of Creation
  2. The Science and Art of Living
  3. Skill Application in Daily Living
  4. Levels of Consciousness 
  5. Universal Knowledge
  6. Self-Mastery

Homework: Practice - Activities and Exercises

  1. Meditation
  2. Self-Actualization
  3. Yoga
  4. Diary
  5. Assigned Reading
  6. Coloring Mystical Symbols

IV. Subscription to our monthly Periodical: VISION EVOLVE

The Periodical contains the following:

1. A review of course content 

2. Practice and exercises

3. Guidance and advisory

4. News and announcements

5. Events

V. Inspirational Speeches  - Family Intervention - Workshop Training            
     Half-day or 4 Hours
      Full Day of 6 Hour
      Multiple Sessions Can Be Scheduled As May Be Needed 

I addition to an hourly charge, the cost of our inspirational speeches and training sessions will depend on the nature of the topic, the size of the group, and travel expenses. This particular service is available for the following: 

  • Small and Large Groups
  • Adults and Children 
  • Artists & Entertainers
  • Families

  • Communication Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Penal Institutions
  • Businesses

  • Religious Organizations
  • Civic and Grassroots Organizations
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Government Agencies

Understanding Life and How It All Works

You will achieve proficiency in the following:

1. How to Manage Your Life

2. Approaches to Life Crises

3. Self-Awareness

4. Living and Learning

5. Integrated Living

6. Conscious Living

7. The Essential You

8. Self-Realization

9. Living-in-Chief

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Service Application Areas

1. Personal Matters

2. Healing and Nurturing

3. Family Life

4. Social Life

5. Love and Friendship

6. Career and Professional 

7. Business and Entrepreneurship

8. Societal – Civic and Religious Life

Service Focus and Curriculum Content

1. Pre-Requisites (Quick Assessment Questionnaire)

2. Understanding Life: The Who - What - Where - When - Why  ["The                   Mechanics of Life"]

  • Who Am I? (The Essential Being)
  • Why Am I Here on Earth?
  • Why Was I Born to This Family?
  • Do I Fit In?
  • Why Am I Doing What I'm Doing?
  • Why Am I Where I Am Doing What I Am Doing at Any Given Time?
  • Why Am I Doing This Particular Thing Now in This Particular Place            Under These Particular Circumstances?
  • Why Am I Interfacing These Particular People Now and Why Are They        Doing What They're Doing and I'm Doing What I'm Doing?
  • Why Do These Things Happen or Is This Thing Happening to Me?
  • Why Am I in This Place and Not Somewhere Else I Want to Be Doing S        Something I Want to Do?
  • Why Do Things Happen When They Happen?
  • Why Do I Do the Things I Do?
  • Why Have I Done the Things I Have Done?
  • How Is This Thing Going to Turn Out?
  • Will This Situation Ever Change and When Will it Change?
  • What's Going to Happen Next?
  • How Can I Change This?
  • Can I Change The Past?
  • How Can I Make What I Want Happen?
  • What is The Present - The Past - and The Future?
  • What Matters: The Present - The Past - or The Future?
  • What Is My Role or Influence over The Past - Present and Future?

3. Required Living Principles and Ethical Standards

4. The Cycles of Life

5. Body and Mind 

6. The Spiritual 

7. The Inner-Self

8. Universal Intelligence

9. Universal Forces

10. Universal Knowledge

11. Reality

12. "Ultimate Realities"

For All Other Inquiries

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Terms of Service: 
All of our interactions with you will be considered private and confidential. We will work with you in complete confidence. Your personal data, and any information to disclose to us will remain private and confidential. We will not disclose your name or anything about you, including any information you confided to us to anyone, including and not limited to other medical or other healthcare professionals, family members, the media, and law enforcement agencies, unless you personally request that we discuss specific information to a particular individual or institution for your own benefits.