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You can advance your development and growth with self-help books from Life Management – Crisis Intervention and Self-Mastery Training Institute. The texts in these books will teach you about the mysteries of the human body, mind, and spirit. You may even be surprised by your own heightened awareness, as your consciousness becomes more open to the wisdom that is revealed through these authors’ words and writings. These books are readily available on Amazon, so do not hesitate to place an order today.


Every time you make a purchase on Amazon from this site, you will contribute to our fund, which has been set up to make these rare service area opportunities available to the people who mostly desperately need our guidance, but cannot afford to pay. For this reason, we encourage you to make a purchase today, just by clicking on the amazon link above. Amazon will track your purchase as having originated from this site. Therefore, they will credit your transaction toward our charity. You can also contribute to our work by using our portal to navigate to our unique store with customized personal, office, and other items. Or you can make a donation.

Most people who need us cannot afford to pay to improve their lives. That is why they come to us in the first place. And we are not in this to make money, but to change lives. Be generous with your donations and be your brother's keeper! We guide people through trouble waters free-or-charge, or based on their incomes. We are especially concerned with the overall needs of children, young adults, women, the elderly, and refugees and immigrants.