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By Marie Yolette Winfield


As an educational and personal and professional growth and development institute, our goal is to guide

to allow you to achieve Ultimate Results, and to Create New Realities in their lives through guidance, practice, and mentoring. We accomplish this through chats, tele-mentoring, and regularly scheduled online sessions. Our training and learning instruments and methods also encompass tutoring and individual study using study guides and our periodical. This combination of techniques and the material, along with practical exercises, are all geared toward the enrichment of the human body, the unfolding of higher consciousness _ a certain level and state of enlightenment_ and the mastery of life events and circumstances.


You are already what you've been looking for. All you have to do now is to discover that you so you can nurture it and develop it toward becoming the more perfect you, and so you can thrive at last.

As a learning and training institute, we are here to walk side-by-side with you and to guide you on your way to mastering life competencies. 




Read About Our Curriculum Synopsis and Philosophy and Instructional Approach and Methodology Below

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*Applications received past the registration dates may be placed on our waiting list. You will be notified if all the slots have been filled, and you will be asked to elect to be placed on our waiting list or to have your tuition payment refunded.

Module 1 - Level 1: 8 weeks - 1 hour per week - $150.00

Group Limit: 15

Mechanics of Life: Level I (Awakening)

1.2. Fundamental Rules of Living

1.3 The Meaning of Life: Who - Were - When - How and Why

1.4. State of Mind: Incompetent & Competent Living

1.5. Psychology & the Subconscious

1.6. Health - Disease & Body Anatomy

1.7. Common Sense - Sixth Sense & Intuitive Living

1.8. Applicable Skills & Knowledge and the Tools and Know-How of Living

1.9. Navigational Compass: Self- Advocacy - Managing - Negotiating - Problem-Solving

1.10. Introduction to Meditation Techniques & Concentration

1.11. Breathing - Meditation & Yoga

Dates: Thursday September 9 through October 28, 2021 - 7:00 to 8:00 PM - EST; 4: 00 - 5:00 PM (GMT)

Register by Friday August 27, 2021.

Early Registration

Register by Wednesday August 18, 2021 and Pay $125.00

Late Registration

Between August 19 and August 27, 2021

Module 2 - Level 2. Intermediate: 8 Weeks - 1 hour per Class - $200.00

Group Limit: 20

Mechanics of Life: Level 2 (Free Agency)

2.1. Health - Environment & Nature

2.2 Anatomy of Mental Illness

2.3 Herbalism & Botanica

2.4.Natural Laws of Living - Good Nutrition & Sleep Cycles

2.5. Cosmic Principles & the Cycles of Life (How to Maximize These Periods for Optimum Results).

2.6. Cycle of Health and Disease

2.7. Herbalism and the Power of Botanica

2.8. Cosmic Principles

2.9.Cycle of Life

2.10. Breathing - Meditation & Attunement

2.11. Yoga

Dates: Tuesday November 2 - Tuesday December 21, 2021 - 7:00 to 8:00 PM - EST; 4: 00 - 5:00 PM (GMT)

Register by Friday October 25, 2021

Early Registration

Register by October 15, 2021 and Pay $150.00

Late Registration

October 16 through October 25, 2021

Module 3 - Level 3. Advanced: 7 weeks - 1 hour per week - $225.00

Group Limit: 15

Mechanics of Life: Level 3 (Health - Diseases - Medicinal Properties & Efficacy of Herbal Medicine)

3.1. Understanding the Body

3.2. Mental Poisoning

3.3. Anatomy of Mental Wellness - Human Mentality Syndromes (HMS)

3.4. Chemical Substances: Use - Abuse & Healing

3.5. Cycle of Health and Disease & Care That Infests

3.6. Sanctuary of the Soul

3.7. Cycles of the Soul

3.8. Higher Consciousness

3.9. Mastery of Fate

3.10. Mastery of Life

3.11. Initiation to Transcendental Meditation

3.12. Breathing & Yoga

Dates: Wednesday December 1, 2021 Through Wednesday December 22, 2021

           Wednesday January 5, 2022 Through Wednesday January 26, 2022 -

           7:00 to 8:00 PM- EST; 4:00 - 5:00 PM (GMT)

Register by November 1, 2021

Early Registration by October 15, 2021

Pay $175.00

Late Registration: October 16 - November 1, 2021

IV. Monthly Tutorial Scheduling (As Needed or in Small Groups)

Monthly tutorial may vary on the various platforms we have available. Sessions may be carried via Facebook Chat

LinkedIn Chat

WhatsApp (978) 289-2638

Google Chat

Choose your preference and dedicated delivery method. 

Sign Up for a Free Monthly Seminar from Our Department of Tele-Instructional Conference.


"The Mechanics of Life: Vision & Reflections"

Sign Here to Receive Weekly Inspirational Reflections Free of Charge with Your Subscription.

The Periodical contains the following:

1. Summary of course content

2. Meditation practice

3. Yoga and exercises

3. Words to live by: Guidance and Advisory

4. News and announcements

5. Events

6. Reflections

CHILDREN 5 Through 12

4 Weeks - 30 to 40 minutes - First 2 weeks Free $55

Saturday September 4 Through Saturday September 25, 2021

11:00 AM & 1:00 PM EST

Group Limit: 10

Register by: August 21, 2021


Introductory Mind & Body Training

Cognition - Social Anxiety - Sleep - Discipline - Health & Nutrition - Positivity - Expression - Posture

Quiet Meditation - Breathing Exercise - Stretching Exercises - Self-Expression

Group Limit: 12


TEENS 13 TO 17

6 Weeks - 60 minutes - First 2 Weeks Free $155.00

Saturday September 18 Through Saturday October 23, 2021

10:00 AM & 2:00 PM EST

Group Limit: 15

Register by Saturday September 4, 2021


Training the Mind & the Body

Relaxation Techniques - Self-Awareness - Motivation - Confidence - Sleep - Habit-Forming -

Self-Control - Emotional & Psychological Wellbeing

Concentration & Learning - Health & Nutrition - Positivity - Posture - Expression

Inspiration to Be v. Aspiration to Do

Introduction to Basic Meditation

Breathing Exercise - Beginning Hatha Yoga

Drawing Energy



5 Weeks - 1 hour - First 2 Weeks Free $99.00

Saturday September 18 Through Saturday October 16, 2021

4:00 - 5:00 PM EST

Group Limit: 12

Register by: Friday September 3, 2021


Concentration - Memory - Balance - Range of Motion - Strength - Pain

Health & Nutrition - Positivity - Posture

Relaxation - Breathing Exercise - Stretch Therapy - Expression 

Complete Your Registration by Filling Out This Registration Form Below.

* Please Note: If you are not registering a child, write "N/A" in the space where "child's name and age" are required.

for children ages 5 to 17, an initial consultation to review child's health and activities is required prior to participating in this program.

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One-on-One Individual Consultation & Mentoring Is Provided as Needed as Part of This Program

1/2 Day Training Session $350.00

Full-Day Training Session $500.00




One-on-One Individual Consultation & Mentoring Is Provided as Needed as Part of This Program




1. Goal-Setting - Aspiration & Inspiration

2.Task-Management & & Productivity

3. Social Energy - Positivity & Team Connection

4. Mastering Communication - Self-Advocacy & Negotiation

5. Focus - Initiative & Performance

6. Mastering Time-Management

7. Relaxation Techniques & Performance

8. Posture - Movement Therapy & Pain

9. Health & Healing

10. Concentration & Productivity v. Performance

Program Curriculum Content 

  • Who Am I? (The Essential Being)

  • Why Am I Here on Earth?

  • Why Was I Born to This Family?

  • Do I Fit In?

  • Why Am I Doing What I'm Doing?

  • Why Am I Where I Am Doing What I Am Doing at Any Given Time?

  • Why Am I Doing This Particular Thing Now in This Particular Place Under These Particular Circumstances?

  • Why Am I Interfacing These Particular People Now and Why Are They Doing What They're Doing and I'm Doing What I'm Doing?

  • Why Do These Things Happen or Is This Thing Happening to Me?

  • Why Am I in This Place and Not Somewhere Else I Want to Be Doing Something I Want to Do?

  • Why Do Things Happen When They Happen?

  • Why Do I Do the Things I Do?

  • Why Have I Done the Things I Have Done?

  • How Is This Thing Going to Turn Out?

  • Will This Situation Ever Change and When Will it Change?

  • What's Going to Happen Next?

  • How Can I Change This?

  • Can I Change The Past?

  • How Can I Make What I Want Happen?

  • What is The Present - The Past - and The Future?

  • What Matters: The Present - The Past - or The Future?

  • What Is My Role or Influence over The Past - Present and Future?

Life's Who - What - Where - When and Why ["The Mechanics of Life"]


3. Required Living Principles and Ethical Standards

4. The Cycles of Life

5. Body and Mind

6. The Spiritual

7. The Inner-Self

8. Universal Intelligence

9. Universal Forces

10. Universal Knowledge

11. Reality

12. "Ultimate Realities"

Approach & Methodology


Meditation Practices





Assigned Reading

Drawing & Coloring Mystical Symbols

Inspirational Workshop Presentations for Small Groups

Health & Wellness - Communication & Relationship-Building

Workplace Physical & Mental Relaxation Techniques

Group Limit: 25

Corporate: 1/2 Day Training Session $1200.00

Corporate: Full-Day Training Session $2200.00

Corporate: 8-Hour Training Session $2500.00

Corporate: 12-Hour Training Session $3200.00


As humans, we are meant to be the expert guides through our own journey through life. Many of us have not yet realized this truth. While a select few have had access to, and the opportunity to explore this knowledge-base. Some have, in fact, been living life all along as masters of the universe - or so to speak. But too many of us remain unaware of this essential path. This explains why it may be the very first time that services of this nature are being made available in this form to the public at large.

The body of knowledge upon which our services are based is timeless. At the same time, this course of learning has also been closely guarded by those who have had the privilege of exposure and access to this branch of meta disciplines. The principal reason these disciplines have been kept squarely outside the public domain, is for fear that most people will not understand the sciences behind the universe of thoughts and practices that lead to day-to-day proficiency and a command of the mechanics of life.

If you are entirely new to this field of study, you will find that our approach will render your overall growth fairly easy. Step by step, we will guide you through a process we develop specifically to facilitate your progress, further your sense of confidence, as well as your self-awareness, and a feeling of completeness and well-being. In all, we will gradually, but surely, guide you in the direction of self-discovery, whereby you will become more keenly aware of, and better understand, reality beyond what your senses can reach, grasp, and interpret. In other words, we will take you past what the eyes can see.

Our job is to assist you in the attainment of the highest knowledge and know-how (the key), combined with the ability to open the doors that will allow you to harness what is otherwise already available to you. We will take you to where you need to be, regardless of your age, educational background, creed, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, belief system, ethnicity, or national origin. You will reach a point where you can self-evaluate, and measure your degree of success by your sense of reward and fulfillment.

We have good news for you. You are already what you've been looking for. All you have to do now is to discover that you so you can nurture it and develop it toward becoming the more perfect you, and so you can thrive at last. As a learning and training institute, we are here to walk side-by-side with you and to guide you on your way to mastering life competencies.

Terms of Service:

Registration will not be accepted past the registration date.

No refund will issue except in the case of class cancellation. If you register but are not able to attend a session, for reasons of hardship or illness, or a loss, you will be allowed to reschedule or attend the session at a later date.

All of our interactions with you will be considered private and confidential. We will work with you in complete confidence. Your personal data, and any information to disclose to us will remain private and confidential. We will not disclose your name or anything about you, including any information you confided to us to anyone, including and not limited to family members and friends, medical or other healthcare professionals, or media, and law enforcement agencies, without your consent. 


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