Life Is Not a Mystery ~ You Are Life

We can guide you through the impossible. Miracles will require you work with us!

       Life Management - Crisis Intervention 
and Self Mastery Training & Learning Institute

Life Is You


Enrich your life. Unlock your higher consciousness. Unleash your potential. Respond to crises tactically and strategically. Grow!

The enrichment of the human body and the unlocking of the higher consciousness, we do and pursue the following:

1. Provide our users and clients with key knowledge on how life really works—the mechanics of life.

2. Guide each individual client to the discovery of their innate power to become a part of universal creation.

3. Instruct clients on how to develop the necessary specialized and applied skills that will allow all our registrants to           learn how to manage every aspect of life consciously and competently.
4. See each of our participants grow to achieve his or her ability to deploy the knowledge and skills learned to create           their own “realities.”

Body of Knowledge and Application

The word Mata is a Greek prefix, which is used to indicate something that contains the properties to explain other things. The main works of Aristotle 
(Greek philosopher and student of Plato [384-322 B.C.]) were named
Metaphysics: Books VII, VIII, and IX  (by Andronicus of Rhodes) because they followed Aristotle's books of physics and philosophy - numbers I through VI. Other examples of of how the property of the prefix "Meta" is used before other words include Metadata, Meta-galactic, Metalanguage, and Meta-analysis. The simplest definition is the Arabic one: “the science of the divine.” The Chinese definition of the word is very consistent with its ancient and modern interpretation from Europe to Asia. Metaphysics is concerned with the study of life through and beyond the intricacies of the relativity of time, spheres, and various planes. Metaphysics can more completely be defined as an all-encompassing science that uses branches of philosophy, ethics, physics, epistemology (the study of knowledge and justified belief []), and ontology, to explain the absolute fundamental nature of the being and the dynamics between the being and the world around it and ultimate realities (beyond - "all is well"). 



To become capable of causing desired results and outcome-specific situations to come to pass in:

your family life, your relationship, your health, your financial affairs, your career and professional life, legal matters, and your most intimate and personal life.

Important Notice

While receiving services from us, you can continue to take any medicine (s) [pharmaceuticals] that you might have been prescribed prior, until such time as you feel no more need to remain on such medicine (s). We will be in a position to help you make that kind of decision, as we make progress. The same principle and approach will apply to any prior therapy you might have been involved with, or subjected to, prior to beginning your learning, healing, and / or growth and development with us, depending on your needs and point of entry.

Meet MarieYolette

  • Education
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Teaching
    • Master’s Degree in Linguistics
    • Doctoral Studies in Clinical Psychology
    • Special Certificate in Cinematography and Sounds
  • Scientific Studies 
    • Metaphysics
  • Mysticism 
    • A Member of AMORC (The Rosicrucian Order)
  • Spiritual Transcendental Meditation (TM) – Initiated by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

In the metaphysical world, the being (essence) which exists in its own right is substantive and markedly different from matter, which exists in forms (the physical). See Metaphysician Peter van Inwagen’s (1998a) attempt to define metaphysics as the science of “ultimate reality…” [Source].  Metaphysics is neither an occult nor an esoteric science. It is rather abstract and complex, and is not easily explained or understood, except by initiation and through studies. Rosicrucianity, on the other hand, is the study of ancient and guarded knowledge, and and the actual practice of breaching the physical spheres and ethereal planes. 
Teacher, Journalist, Metaphysician

Miscellaneous Information

Career and Experience 

  • Teacher
    • Grade School
    • High School
    • College
    • Graduate School
  • Radio Journalism
  • Founder and Executive Director of a Community-Based Nonprofit Organization
  • Managed State Adult Education Program
  • Consultant Trainer for the Anti-Defamation League
  • Business Entrepreneur

  • Philanthropist
  • Family Person
    • Raised and Nurtured Three Children
    • Cared for a Family of Eight, Including Parents and In-Laws
  • Religion: Catholic