Life Is Not a Mystery ~ You Are Life

We can guide you through the impossible. Miracles will require you work with us!

       Life Management - Crisis Intervention 
and Self Mastery Training & Learning Institute

Life Is You

Or just personal, career, and professional growth, relationship, family, or the self.

Become The  Best You: Thrive 

The services of Life Management – Crisis Intervention and Self-Mastery Training & Learning Institute are based on the *meta-knowledge of natural laws. Our services are holistically therapeutic in nature and represent an alternative to psychiatry and psychotherapy. Letting life live you, feeling constantly adrift, or taking no steps toward attaining the personal growth that comes with living a consciously competent life style, are no options at all. Our program and services are designed to place you in the driver's seat, by equipping you with time-tested practical skills, tools, and strategies, that have proven to yield purposeful, and result-oriented outcomes for distinct applications to your daily life.

We offer a comprehensive learning curriculum, and science-based services, to ensure that all of our clients achieve their individual goals. Our content and methodology, both, follow a course of life-study approach, which embraces all aspects of who you are and all that you can be—physically, personally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Your enrollment in this program may well be the greatest journey a human being can ever take. And It is, perhaps, the one journey in life that is truly worth embarking on. 

Our program encompasses instant telephone or in-person mentoring in the event of an emergency, regularly scheduled sessions, tutoring, and individual study from our periodical. The material, along with practical exercises, are geared toward the enrichment of the human body, the unfolding of higher consciousness _ a certain level and state of enlightenment_ and the mastery of life events.

A Transcendental Approach to Wellness

As humans, we are meant to be the expert guides through our own journey through life. Many of us have not yet realized this truth. While a select few have had access to, and the opportunity to explore this knowledge-base. Some have, in fact, been living life all along as masters of the universe - or so to speak. But too many of us remain unaware of this essential path. This explains why it may be the very first time that services of this nature are being made available in this form to the public at large.

Get the skills and knowledge you need to take control over your life and your environment.

The body of knowledge upon which our services are based is timeless. At the same time, this course of learning has also been closely guarded by those who have had the privilege of exposure and access to this branch of meta disciplines. The principal reason these disciplines have been kept squarely outside the public domain, is for fear that most people will not understand the sciences behind the universe of thoughts and practices that lead to day-to-day proficiency and a command of the mechanics of life.

We Will Walk with You

If you are entirely new to this field of study, you will find that our approach will render your overall growth fairly easy. Step by step, we will guide you through a process we develop specifically to facilitate your progress, further your sense of confidence, as well as your self-awareness, and a feeling of completeness and well-being. In all, we will gradually, but surely, guide you in the direction of self-discovery, whereby you will become more keenly aware of, and better understand, reality beyond what your senses can reach, grasp, and interpret. In other words, we will take you past what the eyes can see.

Our job is to assist you in the attainment of the highest knowledge and know-how (the key), combined with the ability to open the doors that will allow you to harness what is otherwise already available to you. We will take you to where you need to be, regardless of your age, educational background, creed, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, belief system, ethnicity, or national origin. You will reach a point where you can self-evaluate, and measure your degree of success by your sense of reward and fulfillment. 

Keep an Open Mind

We are fully aware that for many people, these topics may be quite new, thus there will be some catching up to do. However, whether in a mentoring session or tutorial, we will always endeavor to break the program down in ways that are practical, easily understood, and readily applicable. Given the unique nature of this program, and the fact that it cannot be found anywhere else in this format, we have made it a point to create a “leveled playing-field” beginning with your enrollment. 

In an effort to eliminate all of the possible barriers we referred to in the above paragraphs, we ask that you work with us with an open mind, and allow us the opportunity to present both old and new concepts without judgment—though we encourage you to compare and contrast what you acquire here to your past knowledge, experiences, and understanding of the ways of life.

Our services, here at the Life and Self Mastery Institute, are based on meta-knowledge, combining psychology, metaphysics, and mysticism to provide essential-person oriented guidance, mentoring, and support in all areas of life.This meta knowledge is comprised of metaphysics and mysticism. Meta-Physicians are spiritual scientists, while mysticism can be studied from a very limited number of membership organizations, such as AMORC or the Rosicrucian Order. Members of AMORC are called Rosicrucians. Many are well versed in the knowledge and practice of mysticism. Students of mysticism delve in the study of things known and yet to be known, seen and unseen, as well as manifestations in and/ of life, and ethereal planes, that are not accessible to us through our regular senses. On the other hand, as a discipline, Metaphysics encompasses the study of branches of philosophy, and a combination of spiritual and physical sciences, such as Hatha Yoga (physical yoga), Mantra Yoga (mental exercise), and Transcendental Meditation, which integrate physiology and neuroscience in their practices. Mantra Yoga is used in transcendental mediation.

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